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Welcome to the new CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers Wiki

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of CrazyBobs and the 8th Anniversary of the Wiki itself, the entire wiki has been completely overhauled with a fresh new theme, layout and category system! This is still the same, good old Wiki that you know and love, but we now have several new features as well as some secure safeguards to ensure the vandalism that once plagued the Wiki is not replicated and to keep it a friendly, fun and inviting place.

New Features

  • The Wiki now has a Historical Article system which has preserved and restored lots of articles from the 2014 mass deletion. Read more in the Wiki History Preservation Act 2016.
  • The Wiki now has a strong and dedicated 3-tier Administration. Meet the new team here.
  • The Wiki features a new Achievement Points system, awarding editors who complete specific tasks around the Wiki with unique Achievements referencing Players, Groups, Admins, Quotes, Bots and all sorts of stuff. Check out the Leaderboard here. Keep an eye out, you might just have an achievement named after you!

Getting started

  1. If you don't already have one, you can create a new Wikia account here
  2. Next, familiarize yourself with our Wiki's Rules here
  3. If you are new to editing on Wikia, you might want to pop into our own Wiki Help Section here
  4. Now that you're up to speed, take a gander at our how we like stuff to look on our Wiki Policy here

Note: We No longer support Articles on Groups and Gangs or Individuals - but you can customize your Profile Page however you like.

Once that's all done you might want to flesh out your Profile Page or begin editing some articles right away, the choice is yours. It's now easier than ever to edit on Wikia so don't feel intimidated by all the fancy wiki markup text of yesteryear. Get into it and have fun!

If you need any help, just ask on our Official CrazyBobs Forum Thread here and one of our friendly Staff Team or maybe even another wiki user like yourself will help you out.

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We have updated our Wiki Rules. Please familiarize yourself with the new changes.

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