Con Artist is one of the Skills Civilians can choose from in CrazyBobs.


A Con Artist, or Confidence Artist, is a persuasive style of thief, who can convince others of things that are not true. In CrazyBobs, the Con Artist's primary skills are robbing other players and forging their Tax Returns! But be careful as this only works 9 times out of 10.

In real life, Con(fidence) artists specialize on scamming their victims for large amounts of cash. In this game, Con Artists' mission is to rob other players, preferably those carrying much money with them. Con Artists are usually looking for known rich players, but also to those who win lotto and haven't deposited at the bank yet. Con Artists rob usually from 1/10 to 1/2 of their victim's money. The command used by a con artist to rob another player is "/rob (id/nick)". Players in vehicles or special buildings like Bank or City Hall or Ammunation cannot be robbed.

In the case of con artists, this command has a moderate chance of failing, sometimes letting the victim know of their intentions (which is a minor crime). Con Artists are less successful than pickpockets but they rob a greater amount than any other skills. A single /rob from a Con Artist can take up to $500000 from a player. Con Artist is a very popular skill, also due to the possibility of wealth and income taxes being evaded.


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