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City Hall is a Public Services Location in all 3 cities.


City Hall is where permits, life insurance, and health insurance can be purchased. This is the only place where it's possible to switch skills. Scratch 'N' wins can be purchased, and horse races can be bet on here. It's also possible to use banking and stock commands here.

City Hall is a major Public Services hub where players can buy clothes, items, and other merchandise from other players, or access services such as Life Insurance and Tax Refunds from the [BOT].

Los Santos


City Hall In Los Santos

The city hall can be found at Temple just under the Mulhullond Intersection.

Los Santos City Hall - Satellite Location

Las Venturas

Cityhall lv

City Hall in Las Venturas

The city hall can be found next to the back of The Camel's Toe. It has multiple levels, of which only one is really used in CnR.

Las Venturas City Hall - Satellite Location

San Fierro


City Hall in San Fierro

The city hall can be found at Ocean Flats, near Queens.

San Fierro City Hall - Satellite Location

The old Los Santos City Hall


The old Los Santos City Hall was moved to Temple in 2010 for being too close to the Police Department.

Old Los Santos City Hall - Online Map Location

Max Amount
Social Security
Gives you a social security cheque.
Tax Refund
Gives you a tax refund.
Life Insurance
If you are covered by life insurance, you won't lose all your weapons when you die.
Health Insurance
Lets you get free heals, cures, and condoms at the hospital. Expires at the end of the in-game week.
Change Skill
Lets you pick a new skill. Law enforcement agents can't change their skill.
Fishing Permit
You don't gain a wanted level when fishing near law enforcement agents. You can also fish faster.
Hunting Permit
Lets you hunt deer. You can hunt deer by standing near your drug plants.
Gun Permit
Lets you purchase guns at Ammunation. If/when you get arrested, the gun permit is lost and a new one needs to be bought. Law enforcement agents don't need to purchase a gun permit.
Fish Sales Permit
Lets you sell fish.
Horse Bets
Depends on how much cash you have.
Place a bet on a horse and hope you win.
Scratch 'N' Win Depends what ticket you'll choose. N/A Choose a ticket and scratch it! You might win some money!
Bank N/A N/A Lets you use the banking commands.


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