A chastity belt is a belt can only be bought from 24/7's, sex shops and street vendors. Wearing a chastity belt greatly decreases the chance of being successfully raped.When a player attempts to rape a player with a chastity belt, they will not receive a wanted level and the player being raped will not receive a notification of the rape attempt.


When wearing a chastity belt, the player can not rape, wank, flash, piss or have sex with prostitutes. The belt must be removed if the player wishes to do any such activities. You can remove a chastity belt at any time by typing the command /belt. This will however discard the belt from your inventory completely and to get it back you will need to buy another one.

Breaking the belt

It is possible for a chastity belt to break when being raped but it is very unlikely. In this case, you will lose your belt completely and will need to purchase a new one to become protected from rape again.


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