In CnR, there are a total of three casinos that can be entered. Gambling in casinos was disabled on release of CnR Beta 11. Criminals can rob these casinos through a checkpoint.

Caligula's Palace


Caligula's Palace

This is a large casino in the middle of The Strip. It has a roof with a door leading inside. This makes it popular for robbing, combined with the fact that it has extensive underground facilities, which make it easier to evade cops. The robbery checkpoint is located in its underground facilities, which can be entered through a door behind a counter.

Caligula's Palace - Satellite Location

The Four Dragons Casino

Casino 4drag

The Four Dragons Casino

This is a large casino on the southern end of The Strip. It is considered hard to rob because of its location and the shape of its interior. The latter makes it easy for two cops to cover each side of the n near-circle shaped room, effectively trapping the robber in most cases. The robbery checkpoint is located in the back of the aforementioned room.

The Four Dragons Casino - Satellite Location

Redsands Casino

Casino reds

Redsands West

This is a small casino in Redsands West. The robbery checkpoint is on the right side of the sloth machines, there's a safe case with a red checkpoint (behind the bar)

Redsands Casino - Satellite Location

Temple Casino


Temple Casino

This is a regular/normal casino in Los Santos it has the same interior as the Redsands Casino. The location of this casino is at Temple, west from City Hall, near the Graveyard. The robbery checkpoint is same as Redsands Casino.

Temple Casino - Satellite Location

San Fierro Casino


San Fierro Casino

This is a regular/normal casino in San Fierro it has the same interror as the Redsands Casino. The location of this casino is at Ocean Flats south from San Fierro City Hall. The robbery checkpoint is same as Redsands Casino.

San Fierro Casino - Satellite Location


With a casino robbery, the amount of cash you get for robbing depends on how many players are in the server ranging from 250k with roughly 70 players to 750k in a full server.

How to Rob a Casino

  1. Go into the checkpoint
  2. Type /casinorob (If you have crowbar, the robbery time will be less and the alarm will start around 4 seconds or on 0)
  3. Wait until you can leave (When you can leave, it gives you level 10 wanted level)
  4. Leave casino
  5. Get to the area specified to redeem the cash (the gps will show you the shortest path there)
  6. Go to the checkpoint to get the cash (This will reduce your wanted level to 6 if there are no cops near, else you keep your level 10)

Note that if you time out, quit, get kicked, get arrested, or die while getting to the checkpoint area to retrieve the cash, you won't be able to resume the robbery and won't get any cash.


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