A Car Jacker is one of the Skills Civilians can choose from in CrazyBobs.


Car Jackers have the ability to steal locked cars. Also, car jackers have less time to wait in between selling vehicles at the crane.

The Car Jacker skill can be very useful, hence why it is widely used. As a car jacker you will be able to steal vehicles even if the owner has used /lock (except admin vehicles). This can be used to your advantage to help with Grand Theft Auto Missions or finding the bonus car. Normally, when one sells a vehicle at the crane one must wait for an allocated period of time.

As a Car Jacker the time you must wait between selling vehicles at the crane is reduced by three minutes (real time). This means between car sales you must wait five minutes. While the three minutes may not seem like much, it really does count if you wish to use this as your main money making method. The /vsi (vehicle sell information) command is not unique to Car Jackers but is very useful to see what the bonus car is for that day and how long you must wait before next selling a car at the crane.

Remember to use /gps if you don't know where the crane is! If you follow the instructions and select a destination for the crane it will direct you to the nearest vehicle sell crane, not necessarily the one in the city you are playing in so be careful not to get stranded without a car after you sell it!


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