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Beta 7 was released in June 2007.

C2 Beta 7

What's New/Changed

- Civilians can now Rob The Bank. Watch your account!

Type /bankrob in the red checkpoint to begin a Bank Robbery.

- Civilians can do Holdups in stores (24/7s, Restaurants, Ammunations, vv2v's Sex Shop, Maurice's Mod Shop) Type /holdup in a store to begin a Holdup, exit the checkpoint to end the holdup. (You can end the holdup at any time)

- Courier or Smuggling missions for civilians. ( /courier ) Courier missions do not require a specific vehicle.

- New Skins (Class Selection Screen) (look after the drivers)

- New Truck Delivery items and locations

- Hits are now public (everyone is informed when you place a hit)

- Drug refill points sell drug seeds

- New drug refill points (Angel Pine, Dilimore and Las Payasdas)

- New hidden pickups

- Increased Cop Refill ( /refill ) Ammo and decreased wait time

- Cops can now Respond ( /res) to Backup Calls, 911 Calls and Crimes

- Added suspect vehicles to /warrants and /mostwanted

- /info [name/id] to get general information (class, skill, level, location) for a player

- Added $hlth (health) and $dir (heading) quickstrings

- Added a Liquor Store at Blueberry (Bar)

- 3 New Xoomers (24/7s)

- Fort Carson Bank and Fort Carson Donut Shop

- $cargo and $deldest Quickstrings apply to courier missions too

- Default pickup and delivery Truck Messages ( just /tm or /cb)

- Increased Fish selling prices

- Temp cops can now get Cop of The Day

- Increased cop start money and ammo

- Fixed other bugs and typos