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Beta 5 was released in March 2007.

C2 Beta 5

What's New/Changed

- New Entrances To 24/7s, mostly in San Fierro (Hippy Shoppers, Xoomers)

- Entrances to City Hall and Regular Players Club in San Fierro And Los Santos

- Donut Shop for Cops Only in San Fierro and Los Santos

- Fixed LS Sex Shop Entrance / Added another

- Moved the Infernus to San Fierro, added Sand King to Las Venturas

- /settings To Adjust your in-game settings (gender, speedometer, ect..)

- Reduced the chance of being eaten by the Sea Monster while Fishing

- /fishrecords to view Current Fishing Records for the city

- Added the possibility of stealing fish when robbing people

- Quick Arrest for Cops. Simply type "A" (without the quotation marks)

- "Cop Of The Day" bonus

- Trucker Communication Frequency (/cb)

- Trucker Quickstrings: $cargo (current Cargo) $deldest (destination) $deltime (current delivery time)

- Fishing Quickstring: $fish for last fish caught

- /whisper (/w) To send a message to Everyone within 15 meters

- /carwhisper (/cw) To send a message to Everyone in your vehicle

- Added Piss / Fart / Flash stats

- /morestats Command for more Current Life Stats

- Tipping (/tip [amount]) To send a tip for last service received (driver, drugs, prostitute, weapons, ect..)

- Changed Alcohol level and wait time from Food Delivery (/beer)

- Added a "Street Vendor" Skill who sells items (/items)

- Added A Police Weapon Dealer (like arms dealers, but for Law Enforcement) (/weapons)

- Added Responding to Backup for police (/respond [msg])

- Medics can only cure you if you request a cure (/cure)

- /hotbox [qty] To Consume Drugs with other people in your vehicle (gives drugs to you and others).

- Added Drug Plant Planting. Purchase seeds at 24/7s and use /plant to plant them somewhere. Your plants will grow with time. Harvest them to collect drugs. Other players can find and steal your plants, and police can find and seize your plants. You can plant 5 seeds at a time, and your plants are saved with your life (if you are registered). Plants show up as red checkpoints and can be seen from a greater distance by others as they grow.