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Beta 3 was released in January 2007.

C2 Beta 3

What's New/Changed

- 2 Vehicle Tracking, stealing your last car is no longer a crime.

- Fixed /givecar for cops giving eachother cars.

- /fart to let out some gas

- /flash [nick/id] to expose yourself to someone

- Added Bars and Drinking. Alcohol will refill your health if you aren't drunk. Drunk driving is a crime, (cops cannot drive drunk).

- Added new items to buy at the checkpoints.

- Added alot of new item buying locations

- Cops get a bonus for a wanted suspect dying close to them

- /driver [fare] to change fare while on duty

- /grouplist [group] To list the members of a specific group

- /groupcall [nick/id] To Call Group Members

- 174 Classes to chose from, with Skill selection for civilians on spawn.

- Increased Police Bonuses and SMG ammo

- Message for cops in civilian vehicles (no arresting)

- Added $vars: $grp (group name) $alt (altitude) $fare (driver fare)

- Increased rape chance while infected by a disease (rape spree)

- Added Health Refill to cop /refill Menu

- Reduced skydiving prices. Skydiving is also Free On Wednesdays in city.

- Added City Hall and Social Security

- Made Welfare / Social Security messages public

- Added Regular Players Club, for regular players only (Emerald Isle)

- Fixed a few misc. bugs.