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CnR Beta 14 was released on July 5th, 2009, it is designed for SA-MP 0.2X.

C2 Beta 14

What's New/Changed

Death / New Life System

- Death now results in automatic medical fees, and you will continue your current life

- Medical fees are based on the CnR Prime rate, and decrease every day you stay alive between deaths

- The only way to clear your current life and begin a new life is with /newlife

- Pressing F4 no longer automatically starts a new life (you will continue your current life)

- Quitting while dead or during class selection will no longer start a new life

- Unfair deaths are still free

- Death in jail is free, but you must complete your sentence.

- If you die in jail and haven't killed anyone, you receive 1 free cell change on respawn

- Life insurance covers medical fees, and lets you keep your weapons and gun permit on death

- You can only carry 1 life insurance policy at a time

- Those of you who currently have multiple life insurance policies will be able to keep them until they are used


- Prostitution is now legal in all cities

- Prostitution is now legal for cops

- Prostitutes can dance for money. /dance 4 to dance for money as a Prostitute.

- /strip [amount] to give money to a dancing prostitute

- Other players automatically pay for prostitutes dancing in strip clubs or bars, every 10 game minutes

- /dance 4 [amount] To set your stripping fee as a prostitute in a bar or strip club

- Prostitutes can now have a pimp

- Any civilian skill (except prostitute) can be a pimp

- Pimps receive a percentage of their prostitutes sex-related earnings

- Pimps pay for their prostitutes medical fees

- Pimps receive notifications when their prostitutes are arrested or attacked

- A Prostitute can have 1 pimp. A Pimp can have multiple prostitutes.

- Pimps are NOT saved when a player quits the server

- /pimp (nick/id) [percentage] To offer to work for a pimp / be a pimp

- /pimphelp For a complete list of pimp related commands


- A Kidnappers name is no longer displayed for all players when someone is kidnapped

- Added a kidnapping bonus for kidnapping people

- Added a hideout bonus for reaching a hideout with kidnapped victims

- Kidnappers can select a fake skill to display for other players

- /fakeskill to select a fake display skill, Driver is default fake skill

- If using driver as a fake display skill, a kidnapper can chose when to appear on or off duty in a driver vehicle (/driver)

New Missions

- House Delivery Mission. Deliver goods to someone's house. Similar to truck deliveries, but without the vehicle restrictions.

- Store Robbery Mission. Complete 5 Holdups in 8 Game Hours. You select the locations to rob.

- Flower Delivery Mission. Deliver flowers to 5 different players in 6 hours.

- LV Lawn Mowing Mission. Visit the golf course with a lawn mower!

- You can now complete the Food Delivery mission in a Pizzaboy

- Mission checkpoints are displayed on your radar as a Flag Icon

Truck Deliveries

- You can now exit your truck during a delivery

- Your delivery will be cancelled if your truck respawns or if you enter another vehicle

- Added a selection list for pickup location

- Further and special pickup locations give you a pickup bonus

- Delivery items increase in value each time they are delivered

- Delivery bonus is now adjusted by the CnR Prime Rate

- Fixed a bug where $ / game minute was only charged every 3 game minutes


- Added a Driver Upgrade to Xoomer Garage checkpoints. This lets Drivers (taxi) use any vehicle as a Driver vehicle.

- You can buy a delivery truck at Xoomer garages in Bone County, Flint County, Angel Pine and El Quebrados.

- Added a Boat Buying checkpoint in each city

- Casino / Mint / CB House robbery cash is now based on the amount of players and cops online

- Cops can carry donuts and eat them to refill their health

- /donut To eat a donut

- Removed /petrelease Command. You can still release your pet from the /pet menu

- Hitmen can complete hits with scripted deaths (rape to death, fish slap to death, ...)

- Added /fishsellall Command to sell all your fish

- Cops can only Pet Slap wanted criminals (warrant)

- 50% Chance of not being chained to your cell on failed escape even if a cop is in range

- Changed Courier bonus

- Added Bail to status display when in jail

- Fish market adjustments (again)

- The CnR Prime rate is now automatically adjusted based on taxes collected

- Money Rushes are now at random times

- Added new money rush points

- Fixed Pet Age / Size bugs

- Fixed Kidnapper hideout checkpoint conflicts

- Fixed other bugs and typos

Do We Start New Lives?

- No, your life has NOT been reset. However, ALL house storages have been cleared.

- Everyone's money has been limited to a maximum amount.

- The amount of money you will be left with depends on if you own a house or not

- You each get 1 free Skill Change

- Race challenge records have been cleared.

C2 Beta 14.1

What's New/Changed

- The jail system has been modified. If you die in jail, you respawn out of jail after paying regular medical fees + your bail.

- Fixed losing your weapons on unfair death / life insurance death / deathmatch stadium.

- Fixed the issue with fish in your fish cooler not saving.

- Fixed some invalid death issues

- Fixed prostitutes leaving drugs for cops. On a side note to this, it hasn't been mentioned anywhere before, but prostitution is still illegal inside the PD. It's legal everywhere else, in all cities.

- Fixed losing money when getting arrested during a holdup.

- Fixed buying boats in different cities

- Removed the issue where you get an "invalid pickup distance" message when you select a truck delivery pickup location.

- Increased the value of vehicles sold at the crane (not the bonus vehicle)