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CnR Beta 13 is designed for SA-MP 0.2X.

C2 Beta 13

What's New/Changed

Workers of the Day

- New Workers of the day:

- Trucker of the day

- Fisherman of the day

- Best Player of the day

- Worst Player of the day

- You can now get multiple awards

- Workers of the day are done at 11:30 pm

- /wotd to see the last workers of the day

Personal Pets

- Carry a personal pet with you

- Buy pets at 24/7

- Pets can be transfered to and from your houses from the house pet menu

- Pets will defend you from attackers (pets attack people who attack you)

- /pet for Pet main menu

- /petcmds for Pet Commands (all commands accessible from /pet menu)

- Pet slapping people. You lose your pet when you petslap someone with it.

- Pet attacking people. Your pet must be trained to attack on command.

- Pet fights. Your pet must be trained to attack on command, and can fight other pets

- $pet quickstring

- Added pets to /myinfo and /inventory


- Increased minimum hit fee to 10k$

- Hitmen receive some money if a hit contract quits close to them

- Fixed some issues with not getting hit money back for cancelled hits

Life Insurance

- Life insurance price now depends on prime rate.

- Automatic life insurance, will automatically purchase life insurance when you die, if you have none and have enough money.

- You can turn off automatic life insurance in /settings


- New fish stuff, including 1 new fish you can keep.

- Bonus fish of the day, with a minimum size

- Fish prices (sell at 24/7) depend on supply / demand, and on the cnr prime rate.

Player Birthdays

- Stay alive 365 days and it's your birthday!

- Receive gifts from other players

- You cannot be attacked by other players on the day of your birthday

Total City Stats

- Total city stats can be seen on saturdays

- /citystats for total city stats

- City stats are automatically displayed at 11pm on saturdays


- Item prices now depend on cnr prime rate. When the prime rate is higher, prices of goods are lower. (See pic below)

- No bribing during robberies

- Cops can corpse slap

- You can mourn the last death even if the corpse isn't close to you

- Cops below level 2 cannot receive bribes

- Changed /spawn to /newlife to avoid confusion

- Increased Money Rush bonus amount

- Increased bail/ticket fees for most crimes

- Split settings into game settings and text draw settings

- New textdraw settings

- You can no longer /login after having spawned, to prevent life loss.

- All pickups have been redone, more pickups and new pickups.

- You can use /arrest to continue police training.

Beta 13.1

- Reduced pet training time. Both levels of pet training should take around 5 gamedays each (you must be on the server).

- The percentage of training complete for pets is now displayed in the pet menu

- Reduced the chance of pet deaths from heart attacks

- Reduced the chance of pets running away, and added a minimum age for pets running away.

- Reduced the chance of pets dying during attacks / pet fights

- Changed pet food levels for pet attacks / fights

- Added a Force pet to exercise option for personal pets, to reduce their size

- Untrained pets can now accept pet fight invitations

- Reduced max damage for pets defending / attacking people

- Added an option to switch pets with a house pet

- Adjusted the fish market (which was always at it's lowest)

- No hits on your cnr birthday, and any current hits are cancelled.

- Damage for fish slaps, pet slaps and pet attacks is now taken from your armor first, then from your health.

- New animations:

  • /pointup
  • /shout
  • /assslap
  • /jumpkick
  • /handstand (/sit 13)

- Changed total city stats to automatically display at 8pm on saturdays. You can see total city stats at any time on saturdays by using /citystats - Some minor bug / typo fixes

Extra Info about Pets

- Fatter pets have less chance of running away

- Fatter pets have more chance of dying from a heart attack

- Fatter pets do more petslap damage

- Pets each have a defined chance of attacking / defending. Level 1 training increases this chance. So for example, if your pet initially had a 20% chance of defending you, after level 1 training, that could be increased to 90%.

- Each different pet has a maximum possible damage done. Attack damage is randomly chosen from 0 to this maximum damage. You cannot increase your pet's max damage.

- Level 2 training allows you to command your pet to attack people (without losing your pet), and also allows you to offer pet fights to others.

- Untrained pets can now accept pet fights, but cannot offer.

- There is a chance of your pet dying during any pet attack or pet fight.