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Beta 11 was released in June 2008. It was designed to use SA:MP 0.2.2 R3.

C2 Beta 11

What's New/Changed


- Textdraw issues in SA-MP are now resolved in R3. You can safely use all TextDraws.

- All textdraw / display options have been reset for everyone.

- New speedometer textdraw at bottom right of screen (replaces old speedometer)

- New status textdraw at bottom right when in mission / robbery etc..

- New textdraws for many things.

- Re-enabled the OST (text at bottom center of screen)

- As usual, you can use /settings to configure everything or use the classic systems.

Drug Planting / Buying / Selling

- Entering your own drug plant checkpoint now brings up a plant info. textdraw (with plant size).

- /harvest Command to harvest your own plants.

- New "Very Big" size added to plant GPS display.

- Buy and Sell prices at drug refill points are affected by actual supply and demand.

Deathmatch Stadiums

- A Deathmatch Stadium in each city

- You must pay an Enterance fee, and a fee for each life

- Each person you kill, you make money for

- Kills and deaths don't affect your normal life

- Deathmatch Stadium top 10 records saved per city (1 record per person)


- Restored approximately 60 vehicles per city that were removed due to texture lag (mostly out of town vehicles)

- Less weapons on new life spawn to reduce deathmatching

- Disabled Casino Gambling

- New sit animations (/sit 11 /sit 12)

- Animation for taking bad drugs

- /cry Command and Animation

- Fixed other bugs

C2 Beta 11.1

Beta 11.1 was a minor bugfix release and was running on the server until Beta 12 was released.