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Beta 10 was released in April 2008. It was designed to use SA:MP 0.2.2 R3.

C2 Beta 10


- Car Sell Mission (civilian only) checkpoint

- Police Patrol Mission (police only) checkpoint at the PD

- Food Delivery Mission (civilian only) in Mr.Whoopees and Hotdog vans

- Drug Delivery Mission (civilian only) checkpoint

- Trash Pickup Mission (civilian, LS only) in Trashmasters

- Use the SUB-MISSION Button during a mission for information See the Missions Page For More Information

City Race Challenges

- /challenge command to begin a race challenge

- 20 different race challenges, some vehicle specific

- Circuit races (finds closest point to start) and Point to point races (fixed start)

- Top 10 records saved permenantly for each challenge (per city)

- $chal quickstring (current challenge) See the Race Challenges Page For More Information

Class Selection

- New class selection areas

- Current life class displayed on join


- Pickup animation

- Drug take animation

- New sit / liedown anims (/sit 1 - 10)

- The original sit style (can be rotated) is style 10

- New showoff anims (/showoff 1 - 19)

- You can specify the showoff animation number (1 to 19)

- Idle animations (automatically applied if idle for a while) (/idle 1-8) - /carkick (/ck) animation

- /headshake (/hs) animation

- New Corpse Slap animations (/bitchslap)

- /follow command

- /time animation

- New lose animation (horse bets, dice)

- Robbery animations

- Eating animations

New Locations

- New Diners (LV, SF, Fort Carson)

- Truck Stops (Dilimore, LasBarrancas, LasPayasadas)

- CnR Soup Factory (used to be the Slaughterhouse)

- New sexshops in LS and LV

- New 24/7 in LS

- SF Federal Mint

Robberies / Holdups

- New Robbery location: San Andreas Federal Mint in SF

- New Robbery location: CrazyBob's House in LS

- Holdups in many locations (bars, strip clubs, dance clubs)

- Removed holdups in Ammunation

- New Robbery Hideouts

- New Robbery hideout quickstring ($hideout)

- Decreased amount robbed from casinos and banks

New Login System

- Your total stats and score are still saved, but everyone will start a new life.

- Your settings / options have been reset to default settings

- Any players with negative scores have had their scores set to 0

- Players with negative scores will now have their accounts deleted regularly

- Multiple accounts are no longer allowed (even for regular players). ALL multiple accounts will be deleted

- We will be much more strict with abusive / exploting players (ie: accounts deleted)


- New Fish types and things to catch

- Fish records text draw

- Fish info text draw

- Less wait time between fishing when you have a valid fishing permit

Drug Planting

- Increased maximum plant size

- Something new to "hunt" :P

- Plant GPS removed on arrest


- No more deporting in LS!! (3 jail cells)

- More comfortable jails in SF and LS

- New San Fierro Jail Cell

- Playing /dice is now legal in jail

Food, Drinks, Food Vendors

- New food and drink items

- Different drinks = different alcohol level

- Food vendor selection menus (like other sales skills)

- Food vendor can change their prices (/prices)

- Cafeine reduces blood alcohol level

Quickstrings for (nick/id) commands

  • $ply Closest Player
  • $civ Closest Civilian
  • $cop Closest Cop
  • $law Closest Law Enforcement
  • $sus Closest Suspect
  • $war Closest Warrant
  • $drv Closest Driver
  • $med Closest Medic

Courier Missions / Truck Deliveries

- New delivery locations

- New delivery items

- Public courier completed delivery messages

- Press SUB-MISSION Button during delivery for info


- /robberies to list current robberies for cops modified

- New 10-codes (10-101 to 10-150) (Thanks to the SAPD Team)

- Securicar selling in Los Santos (Warrant, higher price) You can sell 1 per gameday.

- Replaced the SWAT truck in LS

- You can now close Textdraw menus in a vehicle with the honk button

- Vehicles you can sell at the crane and their prices are now random

- Added more Out of Town vehicles

- Better checkpoints for Calls, Deliveries, Hideouts, Missions...

- Added playerid to /info

- /records commands (Challenge records and Fishing records)

- New textdraw menus for many things / information commands

- You can now /flipoff the same player twice in a row (no risk of killing the second time)

- New /stats, /morestats and /total Textdraws

- Lowered police vehicle respawn time

- Person on person crime (rape, rob, etc..) in Police Department = Automatic Warrant

- Added wanted level increase for shooting near ALL law enforcements (medics, arms dealers)

- Cannot enter the Regular Players Club when a hit is placed on you

- Scratch'N'Win (purchase at any 24/7 or city hall)

- /groupleader (nick/id) Group Leader Transfer command

- Penalty for accepting multiple bribes from the same player(s)

- /calls to list current calls

- /inventory Command (/inv)

- Redid daily pays for all skills

- Maximum condom carry amount increased to 10

- Fixed other bugs

- Fixed some scoring and money exploits

C2 Beta 10.3

- Fixed the crack house drug refill point

- Added random drug sell prices at drug refill points (for selling your drugs /selldrugs to the refill point only)

- Added a limit to scratch and win purchasing

- Increased mission (food delivery, patrol, drug delivery, car sell, trash pickup) bonuses and added messages to advertise the missions.

- Reduced some truck delivery bonuses

- Reduced some fish prices

- Fixed other minor bugs