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C2 was released in December 2006.


What's New/Changed

- Nickname auto-complete. Type part of a nick and the system will find the nick you wanted. For example: /ms CrazyB Hi will send the message "hi" to CrazyBob.

- Call System (red checkpoints) A red checkpoint will indicate the direction to any calls (driver, cops, medics, drug dealers, prostitutes, food delivery, arms dealers)

- Ranks for police officers. Your rank affects your pay, and a higher rank gives you access to more weapons in /refill

- Medics can no longer arrest. Medics are not cops anymore. Even if some are in the Law Enforcement category, they cannot arrest, report or ticket.

- New Skills: Food Delivery, Arms Dealers and Kidnappers

- All 3 cities in rotation (LS, SF, LV)

- New Classes (skins)

- New Vehicles (different vehicles for each city)

- Drugs can now be carried and taken. Use /takedrugs to take drugs that you are carrying. Drugs dealers must use /drugsell (/ds) to sell drugs. They must also refill when their supply runs out.

- New Diseases, and you can now have multiple diseases.

- Warrants (independant of wanted level), so you can'T rape a cop then pay the ticket. Your ticket fine will also increase if you commit a crime before paying.

- Crime system. Each crime you commit is displayed, and your ticket fine / jail bail / wanted level will depend on the crimes you commit.

- Groups. Groups are kind of like gangs, you can send message or cash to other group members, and non group memebers will be chosen first when searching for close people to rape / rob / infect / kidnap

- Cops can now report crimes (/report) with a reason, and are strongly encouraged to do so, so that the suspect knows why their wanted level went up. Cops can also report visual contact (/visualcontact) with a suspect. This won't increase their wanted level, but it will prevent it from going down for a while and it will call other cops.

- CrazyBob airlines. Visit any airport terminal for more info!

- Bonus vehicles (Sell for alot of money) every day. The first person to sell the vehicle collects the bonus.

- Many other things!