[BOT]CrazyFarmer is a BOT which can be found walking around CrazyBob's Drug Farm.

He can accurately be found walking around CrazyBob's Tobacco Crops greenhouses, walks across dirt road to field, getting past by wooden shack, again walks by greenhouses on the other side and crossing the same street near the main house by water tower.

[BOT]CrazyFarmer doesn't belong to any BOT category, but can be considered Service bot as he give you drugs.

If aproached, you will receive some fresh drugs from him, but if you return few times after he gave you drugs, you will receive warning from him not to return in next two days.

If returned third time, he will kill you.

He's also very aggresive when approached, as he will flip you off most of time.

He also participates in so-called "races" in which you must interact with him first.

If it's your first time you encouter him, you'll receive additional clothing reward.


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