An Arms Dealer is one of the types of Skills Civilians can choose from in CrazyBobs.


Arms Dealers can sell different weapons to other civilians. Selling weapons is considered a crime and can cause your wanted level to increase if there is a cop nearby.

Arms Dealers sell weapons to other players, which can sell well depending on the price. Arms Dealers often enjoy less supply than demand. Your weapons supply is limited and can be refilled using /refil (/rf for short) at any Ammunation. Refills are expensive but may well be worth the money. Remember, buying a higher amount of stock will save you money in the long run, for example 20 stock works out cheaper than buying 10 stock twice.

You can set prices for each weapon with /prices. To sell them to other players, use /sell (nick/id). This will give them a menu where they can choose which weapon they want. If they buy a weapon or body armour, 1 will be subtracted from your current supply and you will get paid for the item purchased.


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