Area 69 is located in the deserts of Las Venturas. You can find car, plane (rustler in SF), and helicopter

spawns here, as well as a few other surprises.


Area 69 Overhead

An overhead view of Area 69

Area 69 is located in the deserts of Las Venturas. There is a road leading north out of Fort Carson leading straight to the front gates of the facility. It is south of the abandoned airstrip, north of Fort Carson, and east of the Sherman Dam. Along the only main road leading to the base is the Lil' Probe Inn. Players can order food and alcohol here. Though there is only one main road, there is a dirt road that winds around the entire base.

The Base

The base itself is equipped with an airstrip for incoming aircraft and comes with hangars. The inside of the base contains several laboratories for secret experiments and according to rumors these experiments include examine alien bodies, and some have said even keeping some live aliens in the base. Besides the laboratories are huge areas designed for testing experimental aircraft, and supposedly jetpacks. Also within the base is a tall silo which reportedly is for small aircraft to land in the base. Back on the surface are several guard towers, guided missile stations and a fence surrounding the perimeter.


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