These are fun commands to use when you want to have fun with fellow CnR players.


Slaps with left hand a person's ass

/bitchslap, /corpseslap, /slap

Bitchslaps a corpse

/carkick, /ck, /kcar, /cark

Kick in front of you


Ask a player to come


Perform CPR on a corpse

/crossarms, /armcross, /armscross

Cross your arms


Let out a good cry

/dance, /dan

Dance! Styles 1 - 4

/fart, /gas


/flash, /flsh, /fl

Expose yourself to somebody

/flowers, /flower

Gives flowers to another player. (You must be holding flowers)

/follow, /folow, /flw

Ask a player to follow

/fuckyou, /fyou, /fuck, /flipoff, /foff

Flip a player off (Insult)

/go, /flag

Flag drop animation for racing


Point your gun (holding a gun is required)


Do a handstand

/hide, /cower, /duck

Duck and hide

/idle, /stand

Stand Idle


Jump and kick

/kiss, /kis, /ks

Show some affection and kiss a player

/lean, /ln

Lean sideways

/leansmoke, /ls

Leans backwards and starts a smoking animation

/liedown, /lie, /laydown, /lay

Lay down

/mourn, /morn, /rip

Mourns the death of another player (corpse)

/no, /n

Says no. (Also applies to any "no" in chat)

/piss, /pee

Urinate / urinate on another player. (Civilian Only)

/point, /poi

Point at another player

/puke, /vomit

Puke on another player (Civilian Only)

/ride, /hitchhike, /hitch

Asks for a ride

/scratch, /scr

Scratches yourself

/shakehead, /headshake, /hs, /hshake, /noob, /shakeh

Shake your head


Shout in chat

/showoff [1-23], /soff, /so

Show yourself off

/showoff2 [1-30], /so2

Show yourself off (more animations)

/sit [1-13], /sleep, /lay

Sit or lie down


Tell a player to stop

/taichi, /karate, /tc


/yes, /y

Says yes. (Also applies to any "yes" in chat)

/wank, /wankoff, /jerk, /jerkoff, /jo

Wank off / wank off on another player. (Civilian Only)

/wave, /hello

Wave at another player


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