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Each of the three main cities in San Andreas has an airport that serves the city and the surrounding area. There, you can go skydiving or fly to another airport.

Los Santos and the country

Los Santos International Airport

Airport ls

Los Santos International Airport.

This airport serves Los Santos and the greater Red County area.

Los Santos International Airport - Satellite Location

San Fierro

Easter Bay Airport

Airport sf

Easter Bay Airport.

This airport serves San Fierro and the Whetstone/Flint County/Tierra Robada areas.

Easter Bay Airport - Satellite Location

Las Venturas and the desert

Las Venturas Airport

Airport lv

Las Venturas Airport.

This airport serves Las Venturas and the Bone County/Tierra Robada areas.

Las Venturas Airport - Satellite Location

The Abandonded Airstrip

Airport vm

Abandoned Air Strip (Verdant Meadows).

The airstrip isn't technically an airport, as you can't fly to or from there using checkpoints. However, it has a runway and airplane spawns, so it is listed here.

Verdant Meadows Air Strip - Satellite Location

Commands and options

None of these options are available at the airstrip.


In the checkpoint, located at all of the airports except the abandoned airstrip, you can:



  • Mavericks
  • Police Mavericks (excluding San Fierro Airport)
  • Raindances (excluding Las Venturas Airport)


  • Nevadas
  • Dodos
  • Stuntplanes
  • Beagles
  • Rustlers

The Abandoned Airstrip contains only a Stuntplane, a Maverick, and four Rustlers.


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