It's very useful to add links throughout an article linking to an expanded source of information about that particular name, word or phrase.

Internal Links

Internal links link to pages directly on the wiki and require 2 brackets surrounding the page name.

[[Police Commands]]

which will give...

Police Commands

Sometimes you may want the link text to appear differently, to work it into a sentence better. A vertical divider can be used to separate the page name and the text to display as a link.

[[Official CnR Admin List|CnR Admins]]

which will give...

CnR Admins

External Links

External Links are handy when articles require more information on specific topics that we don't cover, like the name of a vehicle linking to the GTA Wiki where users will be able to see what the vehicle looks like.

To add external links, only a single bracket is required and a space takes the place of a vertical divider, like so:

[ Roadtrain]

which will give...


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