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The Active City is used to encourage players to stay within a specific city on San Andreas without physically restricting them from visiting other cities.


Players will always Spawn/Re-spawn around the Active City for that game week unless a player previously quit the game whilst in a house. Some other features of the Active City include:

  • Certain Bots will not exist outside of the Active City. One example is [BOT]Security, Protitute or Drug Dealer.
  • Players cannot complete Hold Ups outside of the Active City.
  • Players cannot complete Robberies outside of the Active city.
  • Vehicles are generally commonly found in the Active City and are very uncommon in non-active cities.

Duration and order

The Active City will last one Game Week before changing to the next city. There are always two different Active Cities over two servers. You have a separate life for each active city and only Stats and Reputation are carried over from other cities. The Active City will cycle around the three possible Active Cities in the following order: Los Santos, Las Venturas then San Fierro. The Active city will automatically change at the end of each game week. You can tell which City is active by looking in the SA:MP Client under the Map section.

Vehicle spawns

Some specific vehicles will only spawn on the map at if the Active City is set to a particular city. You can, however still purchase these vehicles from Vehicle Spawn Points.

The city specific vehicles include:[1]

Los Santos

  • PCJ-600
  • Tractor
  • Alpha

Las Venturas

  • BF-400
  • Mower
  • Bullet
  • ZR 350

San Fierro

  • FCR-900
  • Admiral
  • Infernus
  • Mr Whoopee
  • Feltzer
  • Remington
  • Sultan


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