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Version 1.2 was released in August 2006.

Version 1.2

What's New/Changed

- /911 [crime] - Call 911 and report a crime or incident. The [crime] is optional, use /911 alone to call 911 with no information. Suspects Only.

- /copmsg [msg] (/cm [msg]) - Send a message to all the other cops. Cops only.

- /pullover [nick/id] (/pu) /freeze [nick/id] (/fr) - Ask a suspect to Pull his vehicle over or Freeze and disarm (depends if suspect is in vehicle or not), without giving a wanted level. Good for clearing civilians out of the way too. Cops Only.

- /complain [nick/id] [complaint] - Complain about a player to the admins. Only the admins see the complaints. Anyone abusing this will be banned!

- /time /day /std - Game info (gameday and time, STD info)

- New /help - Actual game help with color info.

- /cmds - List available commands.

- Quick Lock (/lk) / Unlock (/ulk) commands - Quicker /lock and /unlock

- Quick Commands for most commands (No Params needed) - /drugs /sex /heal /bribe no longer need params, they have default values. You can still enter params to chose your own amounts and prices. They will automatically select the closest person.

- Buying Items at 24/7 and Hospital - Use /buy at a 24/7 or Hospital to buy special items.

- New Classes - Some unused classes replaced, more female classes.

- Job Bonuses - Bonuses for all skills who do their jobs, and better protection for certain skills. Also balanced out the scores for cops and suspects.

- Stats and Total Stats in game - Use /stats for current life stats, and /total for stats total.

- Redid CarJacker Skill - Car jackers now have lower sell time, and can steal police vehicles without a high wanted level.

- Cops must be close to suspects to collect Tickets - Tickets are cancelled after a certain time if the ticketing cop is too far away. Also added a second /pay ticket warning when issued a ticket.

- 5 Tickets Collected = 1 Cop Takedown - (cops) Collect 5 tickets and get 1 takedown, with a takedown bonus.

- New STD! - Surprise!

- New Quick PM system - Use /set # [nick/id] (# = 1, 2 or 3) to set someone on quick pm. Then use /1 [msg] /2 [msg] /3 [msg] to quick pm them.

- A lot of other stuff!